May 5, 2012

Olivier Rousteing Is Very Excited About His Date To The Met!

(photo: nymag)

Olivier Rousteing, the 26 year old who is the new head of Balmain, has found a date for the Met Gala……..and its Joan Smalls!

While at a dinner, he was “gushing” about his date to the Met Ball. “She could wear a white t-shirt, and I would be so proud.” 


But he didn’t invite her just because she is the hottest supermodel in the world right now.  He really loves talking and spending time with her.

You can tell that he is super excited about attending the event stating that he’s gonna wear a bow, even though he hasn’t worn one since he was a child, because he felt that his first time at the ball, he needed to wear something special.

Can’t wait to see those two cuties look fabulous together on Monday!

Source: ELLE